Sunday, October 31, 2010

So Much to Share (Lotsa Pics)

Fall is Here!! This is my favorite time of year. It holds so many little things that I look forward to all year long...Cooler weather, football, pumpkin patches, crunchy leaves, apple-cinnamon scented candles, kids in costume, and the anticipation of Christmas...just to name a few.
We've been super busy lately, and I'm falling behind on posting pics... so this post will be a doozie!

The Fair and The Pumpkin Patch

Mason is a sucker for rollercoasters...So when we saw the fair was in town, we had to take him to ride. The weather was perfect, and he had so much fun!

The downside of the fair is that it cost a monthly house note to ride the rollercoaster 3 times. On the other hand, The Pumpkin Patch is quite the bargain. For 5 bucks he rode this slide all day long!

Maddie is seriously crazy about bouncing...

My Own Pumpkin Patch...LOVE them!

The SBGNO Bowl-A-Thon

This was sooo much fun! And I just want to say Thank You again to everyone who sponsored our team! Maddie's page earned a total of $765.00....We were thrilled!! Thank You Everyone!!

My girl...

My little man's got skillz!

This little girl is amazing. An independent walker/runner/jumper...and an SB kid. You would never know...

Cuties in costume!

Maddie get some new kicks!

Maddie's new AFO's are in, and they're great! Super cute pink braces with little hearts on the straps. They go a little higher and a offer a little more coverage in the front. This is good because it gives her more support for standing, pulling up, and taking steps!

She likes them!

Some of you have asked me for details about the new AFO" here's a close up pic

They are from Cascade and are considered Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthotics (DAFO's)

Just breaking them in...

Whew. That was alot to catch up on...but tonight we Trick or Treat! So a full post on my costumed cuties will be along shortly! Be safe tonight, and Have a Great Weekend everyone!!

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  1. Yay! Awesome post and pics!! So glad to hear about those fun days and sweet kids enjoying life. :) Maddie - you just look too darn grown-up in your "new shoes'! ;) Love them!!!


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