Friday, November 18, 2011

Trick or Treat 2011

Better late than never, right? Things have been so busy lately, and I feel like I'm always behind with blogging...but, yesterday was the kids' last day of school, and they are off all next week for Thanksgiving, so hopefully I can catch up on a few things. Now...on to the cuteness.

When it comes to Trick or Treat, I honestly don't know who enjoys it more...the parents or the kids? I know my kids love getting candy, seeing their friends, and enjoying the one night a year that I let them parade down the middle of the street.

Me? I enjoy this....

And this...

On a normal day I think my kids are pretty stinkin' cute....But throw in some pink-poodle-pigtails and a banana costume that makes your ears stick out, and they take cuteness to another place.

I mean...Seriously.

This is what you get when you tell them to "Say CHEESE" and they've reached their limit...

And this is what you get 8 shots past that limit.

Mason's thinking, " Enough already!"

And Maddie gets this glazed over look...

Yep, she's gone to her happy place.

Time to trick or treat!

That is the only pic I got of her in the wagon...Most of the night we saw this, instead.

Much to our surprise, Miss Maddie walked all over our neighborhood with all the other kids. It's funny because last year, I remember feeling kinda bummed watching all the other kids running from door to door, thinking that would never be possible for Maddie...This year, she proved us wrong...again.

Click HERE if viewing on FB.

It was a fun night, and I was overwhelmed by how much has changed for us in the last year. The last 12 months have been huge for our family...and I have learned that anything is possible. This week I sent my little girl to school without her walker...and she did amazing! A miracle doesn't always mean casting off crutches and breaking into a sprint...Sometimes it comes one wobbly step at a time. I'm learning it's not always about what's waiting at the end of the journey, but more about what happened along the way. And it may not always come the way we think it should, but it always comes....Just wait for it.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch

Fall is my favorite time of year for so many reasons...Perfect weather, beautiful color, friends, family, football, and the anticpation of everything yet to come. This year has been no exception. With lots of reasons to get outside, and just as many to spend chilly nights in...we are happily embracing everything this season has to offer.

A couple of weeks ago, we spent our morning at the Pumpkin Patch.

It was a gorgeous day, and the kids were so excited to pick out their pumpkins...

I watched as they quickly worked out a system for transporting their treasures...Mason would pull, and Maddie would push.

It started out well...

But as the wagon filled up, it became increasingly difficult to move...

This proved to be ridiculously funny as they moved slower...

and slower...

I can still hear Mason yelling "Come on Maddie, PUSH!!"

We helped them load their impressive haul, and kissed one more fall day goodbye...

Friday, October 28, 2011


The months leading up to a birthday are always a fun time around here. There's lots of talk about themes, cakes, and parties. With Mason's fifth birthday upon us, I found myself wondering what kind of party he would want this year...dinosaurs? sharks? pirates? But he was already completely clear on what he wanted, and didn't hesitate to let me know ...............It would be a Panda Party.

This love of all things Panda started last Christmas when he specifically asked Santa for a Panda Pillow pet. Well, Santa delivered, and the fascintation continued.

We had Mason's party on a gorgeous fall day, at our favorite playground...Kid's Konnection at the Tammany Trace. It's the only "boundless" playground in Louisiana, and we love it. I love that it's gated, shaded, and latex-free....Mason loves that it's huge and has a "bumpy slide". Here's a pic of one section of it...

This was the first party that wasn't at home, and let me tell you...I. LOVED. IT. No mess, no fuss, TONS for the kids to do, and WAAAY cheaper than a bounce house party. I may never go back...just sayin.

From 2011-10-18

Five minutes into the party Maddie said "All done, walker"..parked it in the dirt, and left it there for the rest of the party. CRAZY proud of this girl.

Maddie got in on the panda love too...I loved how she kept making these two kiss.

We had a great time with family, and all of Mason's closest buddies. I loved it, and I loved seeing him so happy. Five definitely looks good on him.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Walk On...

When Maddie first started therapy, this summer at New Heights, she was afraid of her horse. She cried and pleaded "All done, All done!!!" It took alot of diversions and familiar games and toys to get her past the initial shock of being up on a moving horse, but after a few sessions, she became more comfortable, and really enjoyed the ride. One of the first things she was taught was a basic command to make Stella go..."Walk On." Maddie always remembered to say "Whoa" to stop her, but never could remember how to make her start again. She's come so far since then.
Now she looks forward to seeing Stella. She waves at her and plays peek-a-boo through the fence. She's her friend.

Last weekend she was one of 3 featured riders, chosen to ride for the Garden Party at Summergrove Farms. This is a major fundraising event for New Heights, on a beautiful estate, and it was fabulous. It was an amazing honor to have Maddie be a part of it.

Here is a short clip of part of her ride...

Click HERE if viewing on FB.

She was amazing. She waved, blew kisses, and chatted away with anyone who would listen. She rode Stella like a pro...forwards and backwards. She showed her stretching and reaching skills with the rings and toys, she did puzzles while maintaining her balance, and she posed for pictures at every turn of the course. She blew me away. And with her tiny voice, she commanded with complete clarity, "Walk On"...and Stella did. It was incredible.

Mason enjoyed the party as well, but most of the focus was, as usual, on his little sister. This is always in the back of my mind. I can't tell you how many times someone will be making a fuss over Maddie, and Mason will try to introduce himself, again, and again, and again. It absolutely kills me to hear him pipe up, "And I'm Mason," only to be cut off repeatedly. Usually by the third time I'll cut in and introduce him myself...then the person usually realizes and feels badly for ignoring him. I know it's not intentional...It's just so hard to see past the pigtailed pixie...but if they did, they'd see I have TWO amazing kids. And neither should ever be in the shadows, because they each deserve the chance to shine.

The people at New Heights realize this too. They see Mason come to every session, and climb the bleachers quietly while Maddie gets to ride a horse. Explaining to a 4-yr old why his baby sister gets to ride, but he doesn't, is a heartbreaking conversation...but he never argues about it. He is always content to wait patiently for the session to end so he can feed Stella a carrot. It's a simple routine, but it's HIS part, and he looks forward to it.

At the Garden Party, Maddie's trainer pulled us aside and told us they had a special surprise for Mason's birthday. At our next session a horse would be waiting just for him, and he would have his own private lesson. I was elated. Finally, it was his turn.

We arrived at the arena, and his eyes got huge when the trainers surprised him with HIS horse for the day. I watched him mount Kit Kat, and saw how nervous he was. His hands were trembling, and he looked like he might cry for a minute. The trainer calmly told Kit Kat to "walk on", and I watched Mason transform. Once he realized he could stay up there without problems, he was fine. He chatted away about our trip to the zoo, and the birthday party that was coming the next day. It was SO great to see him up there, so proud of himself. In one session he learned the basic commands, and how to steer using the reins. It was a week ago, and he hasn't stopped talking about it. I think riding lessons are inevitable at this point. :)

Both kids rode together, each cheering the other on, and it made my heart smile.


And in other news....October is Spina Bifida Awareness month. I know it sometimes gets lost in all the pink, but October is a special month for many reasons...and SB is one of them. If I'm being honest, I'm usually overly cautious about how much SB I put out there. I don't want that to be the first thing people think of when they think of us. Spina Bifida is a part of our lives, but it does not define Maddie, or our family. So, sometimes I'm hesitant to wear my t-shirt, put a sticker or my car, or repost things on FB. But the truth is, the chance of having a baby with SB is about 1 in 1500, and the only way to lower your risk is to take folic acid before pregnancy. And while these facts are so very important, if you learn one thing about SB this month, learn this: These kids are smart, funny, and completely capable of things beyond our imagination. I was the lucky 1 in 1500 that got Maddie, and I wouldn't change her for anything. She is perfect...SB and all.

This month we are helping to give back to an organization who continually gives so much to families like ours, and individuals like Maddie. SBGNO has been a tremendous support to our family from the very beginning. On October 30th Team Maddie will be bowling in the annual bowl-a-thon fundraiser for SBGNO. Please, please consider sponsoring our team! Any amount is appreciated...

Much love and thanks.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Summer Finale

I miss this sunset....

Our last hoorah of the summer was a short trip back to Destin. We go there almost every year, and it never gets old. The beach, the salty air, the food, the sunsets...we love it. It's an easy, relaxing vacation, that's big fun, low cost, and pretty much stress free.

The view from our balcony

The view from my chair

What I would give to have either view right now...Sigh.

We stayed at Waterscape this year, and it was amazing. It had beautiful pool areas, a lazy river, an awesome splash park for the littlest bugs, and a private beach access just steps from our condo. It was perfect.

I especially loved watching the kids this year...So much fun.

Last year was an entirely different trip because Maddie wasn't even crawling. This year, she had places to go...and she went!

This year, Mason finally floated down the river by himself.

While Maddie was perfectly content in her Daddy's arms...

And the two of them played together for hours in the sand...

It was a beautiful way to end a perfect summer...

till next year...
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