Friday, July 30, 2010

Back to Philly

So, Philly called and said they want their girl back. So, we are flying back tomorrow, and we will be there through next Thursday. Madison will begin the follow up tests and evaluations associated with the MOMS trial on Monday morning at CHOP. And although I am really looking forward to seeing everyone again, and being in that place again...part of me is really starting to get nervous. I have such great memories of our time in Philly, mainly because everything went so well for us and for Maddie. And it only recently occurred to me that we might not get the great reports we are hoping for. What then? It seems that recently many of our other SB buddies have been getting mixed results back. We keep hearing about kidney reflux and such from those who have gotten through their follow ups. Maddie is just coming off of her 1st UTI, and now taking preventative meds to keep them away, and I'm finding myself really anxious about the urology visit and the videourodynamics test. It will be the last test she receives on the last day of her follow up. Monday is the physical and develomental evaluations. Tuesday is the MRI of brain and spine, and Wednesday is the renal/bladder ultrasound and the videourodynamics. Please pray for great reports on every day. Whatever happens, we'll deal with, but I'd love for things to keep going well for as long s possible.

Mason is so excited to be spending a special week with my parents. They have so much lined up for this kid, I'm certain he'll be bored stiff when he comes home. Last night he stayed up way past me and Chris, gathering all of the toys he wanted to bring with him. It was the most random collection of toys I've ever Aquadoodle, a dancing hamster, his Tag books, a jack in the box, a plastic christmas tree, his tool kit and a green name a few. But they're all going , and he's psyched. So, I guess I'll get back to my packing...I'll try to update sometime next week. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

This One's for the Girls

There comes a time when the days start to run together...When the busy tasks that make up our daily grind start to take over, and the juggling act of wife/mother/friend/colleague/sister/daughter becomes a little overwhelming. I have found that the only thing that brings everything back in balance is a little time away from it all...time with the girls..time by the pool...time for a drink... Time for me.

Last weekend I took some time for me. I met 7 other friends whose batteries also needed re-charging. I painted my toes red, and put on the highest pair of wedges I could walk in. We all met at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi, and our First Annual Girls' Weekend was underway.

Our day started by the pool. We laid out in the sun catching rays and catching up. We talked about life, love, kids, and work. We discussed all the newest diets that none of us are on. We talked about spray tans, and melanomas "the size of Texas." ;) We watched a lovely man, who called himself "Daddy Yum Yum" stumble from one chair to another before passing out on his face. It was a blast.

Amy and Elisha were the only ones with real tans. :)

Shannon was the mastermind of the weekend, and she did a fantastic job!

There's just something about Mary...I'm not sure what she's saying here, but I would bet it's in Croatian. :)

The rooms were beautiful, the bathrooms were huge, and the beds were comfy.

Jen is very particular about the firmness of her she decided to
"Jump on it, Jump on it". ;)

That night we all went out for dinner and drinks. Our group of 8 was down to 7, and by the end of dinner, we were 5. But before stomach bugs and food allergies prevailed, we took a group picture.

After dinner we decided to check out the nightlife...but the ladies on the dance floor were definitely more Rose and Blanche than Carrie and we passed. The next morning we started off with a very high end Sunday Brunch...

It was so yummy! Then we all said our goodbyes, and those of us heading west made a stop at the Gulfport Outlets. It was a colorful weekend with the girls...and it was just what I needed. Already looking forward to next year...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Snipits of Summer

So we are in the middle of July now. We've reached late summer, when backpacks and school supplies make their way into the front aisles of the stores...and I'm always amazed at how quickly we got here. It seems like just a week ago that we were dyeing eggs and anticipating a whole summer of possibility...and now, I find myself scrambling to try to squeeze every last drop out of this summer, before it's gone. So we've had more popcorn and movies, more time at the pool, more laps through the sprinkler, more sparklers in the driveway, and more playdates for the little's been busy, and fun!

Madison loves going to the pool...mostly so she can watch Mason in the water spouts!

Is it just me or is she starting to thin out?
No, please don't take away my rolls! Not yet!

and we are loving this new swimsuit...Love me some daisies!

Mason continues to be hard to capture at the pool...He never slows down for a good shot!

Maddie has learned to high-five...and it's hilarious.
Up high, cutie pie!


Mornings have become so lazy this summer...And I get the pleasure of seeing these two groggy bugs watching the cartoons with their loveys in their laps.

Meet Love-Pup and Mr. Bear...

Mr. Bear goes pretty much everywhere with us these days, and Mason is so funny the way he talks to him, and fusses at him if he's not buckled in the carseat...and he's quick to point out if I'm in Mr. Bear's way when he's watching a movie...Just a little man looking out for his little bear!

Good Morning sunshine!

Maddie got her first pedicure this week...

Here she is showing off those piggies!


I've started bringing the kids to weekly playgroups at the Wellness Center, and they're lovin it!


Mason made a friend

This place has toys, tents, and Goldfish...what's not to love?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Little Firecrackers

Sometimes the weekends are more exhausting than the week...This was one of those weekends. The week was spent recovering from Madison's birthday party, and getting her one year check up taken care of.
Dr. Rob was very pleased with her progress and overall great health...hardly any sick visits. (kiss of death, btw) And just as we were starting to settle into the more comfortable 2nd year of life with a "been there, done that" kind of outlook...the fever comes. A low grade temp that could have been anything or nothing...considering she'd just had 3 shots, and is constantly cutting teeth. Friday evening was supposed to be Toy Story 3 with me, Chris, and Mason. Instead I opted to stay home with Maddie because she had reached "rag doll status". I was so glad I made that choice. With no warning, she threw up everywhere, and as I cleaned both of us up, all I could think was "Thank GOD her party was last weekend, and NOT tomorrow!" My poor baby was sick and miserable.
We were back in Dr. Rob's office Saturday morning,where my suspicions were confirmed. Maddie had her first UTI. I was so bummed. I could see how miserable she was, and I couldn't do anything to make it better. We alternated Tylenol and Motrin at 3 hour intervals until Monday. Tuesday was her first fever-free day...almost a whole week after the fever had started. My sweet girl is finally feeling better, and we are crossing our fingers that this will not be a regular occurrence. With our return trip to CHOP just a few weeks away, we are praying for good reports from all of her specialists.

We spent the 4th of July with my family, and although Maddie was not feeling herself, she still kept a happy smile on her face.

Mason had a great time picking out fireworks for the festivities, and he was SO excited all day long about setting them off.

This pic was taken right before a chunk of ash fell from the stick and Mason promptly stepped on How was he barefoot??...we're not quite sure, but that was the only sparkler he did that evening. I felt terrible for him.

All in all, the 4th was not everything I had hoped it would be for my little people. It ended with both of them in tears, and feeling pretty lousy. We are planning a second attempt at the 4th of July sometime this weekend. :)

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