Saturday, July 24, 2010

This One's for the Girls

There comes a time when the days start to run together...When the busy tasks that make up our daily grind start to take over, and the juggling act of wife/mother/friend/colleague/sister/daughter becomes a little overwhelming. I have found that the only thing that brings everything back in balance is a little time away from it all...time with the girls..time by the pool...time for a drink... Time for me.

Last weekend I took some time for me. I met 7 other friends whose batteries also needed re-charging. I painted my toes red, and put on the highest pair of wedges I could walk in. We all met at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi, and our First Annual Girls' Weekend was underway.

Our day started by the pool. We laid out in the sun catching rays and catching up. We talked about life, love, kids, and work. We discussed all the newest diets that none of us are on. We talked about spray tans, and melanomas "the size of Texas." ;) We watched a lovely man, who called himself "Daddy Yum Yum" stumble from one chair to another before passing out on his face. It was a blast.

Amy and Elisha were the only ones with real tans. :)

Shannon was the mastermind of the weekend, and she did a fantastic job!

There's just something about Mary...I'm not sure what she's saying here, but I would bet it's in Croatian. :)

The rooms were beautiful, the bathrooms were huge, and the beds were comfy.

Jen is very particular about the firmness of her she decided to
"Jump on it, Jump on it". ;)

That night we all went out for dinner and drinks. Our group of 8 was down to 7, and by the end of dinner, we were 5. But before stomach bugs and food allergies prevailed, we took a group picture.

After dinner we decided to check out the nightlife...but the ladies on the dance floor were definitely more Rose and Blanche than Carrie and we passed. The next morning we started off with a very high end Sunday Brunch...

It was so yummy! Then we all said our goodbyes, and those of us heading west made a stop at the Gulfport Outlets. It was a colorful weekend with the girls...and it was just what I needed. Already looking forward to next year...


  1. So funny! I love it!! I also love you, it was so great to hang out.

  2. love this post! so funny and so fun. Tell Mandy "hey" from her Riverdale buddy Mariann~


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