What's in a Name?

So we are finally joining the blogging world, and I found myself perplexed by the name of this blog. How do you sum up the past year in one clever title? I wanted to title it something that would somehow convey the emotional rollercoaster we have strapped ourselves into...but for some reason "Life Sucker-punched me and I'm Finally starting to Breathe Again" didn't have a nice ring to it. LOL

Anyways, to say this past year has been life changing is definitely an understatement. It's been a combination of the most amazing highs and the most gut-wrenching lows I have ever experienced...but through it all, we have held on tightly to each other, and learned to support one another like never before. This year has defined us as a family, a team...all of us in it together, and no one giving up...ever.

So that's it I guess...life served us lemons, we made lemonade, and it's as sweet as it can be.

So welcome to our lemonade stand...Life is good, so drink it up!

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