Sunday, October 31, 2010

So Much to Share (Lotsa Pics)

Fall is Here!! This is my favorite time of year. It holds so many little things that I look forward to all year long...Cooler weather, football, pumpkin patches, crunchy leaves, apple-cinnamon scented candles, kids in costume, and the anticipation of Christmas...just to name a few.
We've been super busy lately, and I'm falling behind on posting pics... so this post will be a doozie!

The Fair and The Pumpkin Patch

Mason is a sucker for rollercoasters...So when we saw the fair was in town, we had to take him to ride. The weather was perfect, and he had so much fun!

The downside of the fair is that it cost a monthly house note to ride the rollercoaster 3 times. On the other hand, The Pumpkin Patch is quite the bargain. For 5 bucks he rode this slide all day long!

Maddie is seriously crazy about bouncing...

My Own Pumpkin Patch...LOVE them!

The SBGNO Bowl-A-Thon

This was sooo much fun! And I just want to say Thank You again to everyone who sponsored our team! Maddie's page earned a total of $765.00....We were thrilled!! Thank You Everyone!!

My girl...

My little man's got skillz!

This little girl is amazing. An independent walker/runner/jumper...and an SB kid. You would never know...

Cuties in costume!

Maddie get some new kicks!

Maddie's new AFO's are in, and they're great! Super cute pink braces with little hearts on the straps. They go a little higher and a offer a little more coverage in the front. This is good because it gives her more support for standing, pulling up, and taking steps!

She likes them!

Some of you have asked me for details about the new AFO" here's a close up pic

They are from Cascade and are considered Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthotics (DAFO's)

Just breaking them in...

Whew. That was alot to catch up on...but tonight we Trick or Treat! So a full post on my costumed cuties will be along shortly! Be safe tonight, and Have a Great Weekend everyone!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Our Happy Place

Three weeks. It's only been three weeks since we got back from Destin, and I already feel the need for another vacation. It was wonderful, and it was over too soon. Here a few of the highlights from our happy place...

Mason was such a big guy...He loved the beach, the lazy river, and the splash park. He did great!

And he had so much fun with his cousins...

Maddie had a blast too...

She loved playing in the sand, and splashing in the shallow water...but her favorite thing to do was watch Mason and the other kids. She got so excited watching them in the waves...It was fun to watch.

It was a great trip, and a much needed break for all of us. I'm already looking forward to next year...

And although there's no vacation on the immediate horizon...there is so much to look forward to! This weekend promises football, the pumpkin patch, and bowling with amazing people for an amazing cause. I can't wait....Have a Great Weekend!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Spina Bifida Kids Worldwide Day of Prayer

Time: Wednesday, October 20 · 12:00pm - 1:00pm EST
11:00am - 12:00pm CST
10:00am - 11:00am MST
9:00am - 10:00am PST


Location: Wherever you are

October is Spina Bifida Awareness Month, and we SB moms have on our minds, more than anything, the precious unborn babies who are so often terminated before they even have a chance to prove their lives have meaning and value to the world. To say that 50% of all Spina Bifida affected pregnancies are terminated is a conservative estimate. But we SB moms know there is no reason to terminate a baby because of SB. Our children are beautiful and intelligent gifts from God who have every opportunity to live full, productive, and totally normal yet extraordinary lives.

So we proclaim Wednesday, October 20 as the Spina Bifida Kids Worldwide Day of Prayer. We believe in the power of prayer, and we are excited at the prospect of many people praying at the same time for these unborn babies. We moms can make a difference individually and collectively, but that is nothing compared to the change that can come if we have God on our side.

We will begin at noon EST. Pray for as long as you feel led. Pray individually or with another person or group. On your knees, at your desk, while driving your car … the logistics do not matter.

Here are a few things you can pray about specifically:
1. Parents expecting a child with Spina Bifida, those afraid and considering termination. Please pray that they will go to their appointment with an open heart and mind, that the doctor will give them a prognosis that is realistic and hopeful (we believe these adjectives are not mutually exclusive when talking about SB), and that most of all, God will give these families a peace beyond understanding and a clear indication that they should keep their baby or give it up for adoption. There are many mothers willing to adopt these babies.

2. Obstetricians are usually the doctors who first diagnose Spina Bifida based on a prenatal ultrasound. Unfortunately, most know very little about SB except for what to look for on the ultrasound. Many of us were told by our OBs very scary and inaccurate information, such as “Your baby will likely not survive,” “She will be a vegetable,” “Terminating is the most loving thing you can do for this baby.” If this is the first time you’ve really even heard of SB, and a doctor you trust tells you this, you’re probably going to believe it. Please pray that these doctors will be educated about the SB prognosis so that they can give the diagnosis accurately and compassionately.

3. We SB moms will always remember the day we received the diagnosis as one of the most terrifying days of our lives. An initial grief response is denial, which often presents as “Please make this problem go away.” Termination is offered quickly. Please pray for these mothers and fathers, that they will first and foremost trust God to get them through this scary and uncertain time instead of letting fear guide their decisions. That God will draw near to them and make His presence known, as He did for so many of us. That these parents will be so filled with His peace about the future and love for their child that they will consider carrying the baby to term the easiest choice.

4. These precious babies are absolutely innocent and helpless. They are being thrown away because they are not “perfect.” Not one of us is perfect. Please pray for the lives of these babies to be spared. That each movement and kick will remind the mother that God knit that baby in her womb exactly as he or she should be. That their lives will bring glory to our Father.

5. Many of us SB parents cite the support of our family members and friends as the biggest comfort during the time right after receiving the diagnosis. But there are also families and friends who are unsupportive and even encouraging of termination. Please pray for these family members and friends, that God will use them to minister healing to the parents’ breaking hearts. That they will be wholly supportive, not hurtful, and they will lift up and help these parents as their raise their child.

Feel free to add other suggestions for what we should pray. And please pass this on to friends, family, church prayer groups, prayer warriors, pastors, and strangers.

“Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:19-20 (NIV)

Friday, October 15, 2010


What does it mean to be perfect? Is there really such a thing as perfection? One person's perfection could be entierly different than another. I am haunted by the knowledge that there are babies, just my like mine, who are being terminated because of these so called imperfections. Who are we to decide what is perfect and what isn't? I know I'm not perfect. I don't usually get on my soapbox about these things...mostly because I've been there, and I know what a gut-wrenching thing it is to recieve a poor prenatal diagnoses...So I do not judge. But, today I have to say something...

Last night I came across a blog of a woman I have recently reached out to. She is pregnant with a baby who has recently been diagnosed with SB. The post I saw last night made me sick to my stomach. She has set up an online poll, for anyone to help decide her baby's fate. Anyone at all. People are right now voting on whether she should terminate this little life...This little life just like Maddie. Does that make anyone else sick? I will not post her link, because I don't want to encourage any other activity on her site. But my heart is breaking...So I ask...What is, perfection? Are we ever guaranteed a fairy tale ending? I'm pretty sure the answer is No. But who's to say that the fairy tale ending isn't found in life's imperfections? I know, with certainty, that my life is richer because I have a special little girl...She's a rockstar. And she makes me believe anything is possible. I see perfection every time I look at her. Ten perfect tiny figers, with ten perfect tiny toes...A smile that lights up a room, and a giggle that makes you forget whatever you were doing and join in....Perfection. It's the same perfection I see in Mason. They are my babies, and they are perfect.

I remember being in that scary place...Being forced to think about our "options." I have never had a moments regret in the choice that I made. And though I know everyone deals differently, I find it so offensive that such a personal decision is being made so public...and being so carelessly regarded. I truly believe that God does not make mistakes, and He never gives us more than we can handle. Life is what we make it, and perfection is really just a matter of perspective. I know my perspective has changed...and all for the better. Ten fingers. Ten toes. One heartbeat. One life that I cannot live without...perfection.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

On being 4

Wow. Is it really possible my baby boy is four?

His shirt says so...but it really seems like yesterday we were dealing with colic and reflux, and watching him take his first steps, and speak his first words...amazing. I have been completely in love with this little guy from the moment we met, and today, on his fourth birthday, I feel so incredibly happy to be a part of the little person he is becoming. He makes me happy beyond words, and he shows me how simple life should be.

Today was 10.10.10. We celebrated Mason's big day with a zoo party...something he has been talking about for, literally, months. He was so excited to pick the invites, and the balloons...and the cake. He has been talking about his zoo cake since Maddie's birthday. He gave it alot of thought, and had some very specific requests...I think I made him happy.

We had all the makings of a great party...Perfect weather, a bounce house, cupcakes, and tons of kiddos...It was a blast!

Mason's main squeeze...Miss Abbey. She's adorable!

Maddie enjoyed some bouncing too...

It was a perfect day, to celebrate my sweet boy, and all the magic and wonder that comes with being four. Happy 4th Birthday Mason...I love you with all my heart!

Friday, October 1, 2010


Today is Ooctober 1st...The 1st day of Spina Bifida Awareness Month, and it seems so fitting to be writing this special post on this special day...

OK...So if you haven't already found out on facebook, something HUGE happened this morning in my living room! And after the week I've had, Man did I need this!! So, I'll keep the weekly update short and sweet, so I can finish up with the good stuff!

Monday afternoon we got back from Destin...aahh, Destin...I miss you already. (A full post on vacation will be along soon) So, vacation ended Monday night, and the mother of all weeks began Tuesday morning...

9:00 drop Mason off at school (carpool still sucks)

9:30 Madison gets casted for her next set of AFO's...Screamed like mad during the saw, but who could blame her?

10:45 Get Maddie fed, changed, and down for a nap

11:45 PT with Michele

12:45 Quickly fill out Mason's very late B-day invitations, so they can go out same day

1:45 Start (illegally) delivering invitations by dropping in mailboxes throughout subdivision

1:50 Car gets rammed by a neighbor who backs into my driver side door

2:00 Leave the scene, and the hostile neighbor, to pick up Mason

...And this was just Tuesday.
The rest of the week involved car estimates, party supplies, a full day with a social worker at Children's, and our first visit from Nancy, our new OT. I'm exhausted. And Mason's b-day is next Sunday, and nothing is done....But none of that matters at the moment. Nancy was wonderful, and I am soooo glad we pushed for OT. She hit it off with Maddie immediately, and I felt completely comfortable with her. She recognized the feeding issues right away, and agreed that therapy was necessary to resolve them...She is completely open to sensory therapy, and truly believes alot of Maddie's issues are sensory related. She worked with her on feeding for most of the hour, and then she got down on the floor with her, and this happened....

Words just cannot describe how ridiculously happy I am right now...I know she still has soooo far to go...but I know she will do it. That one moment in the video when she looks up at me with that big smile says it all...Priceless. There will be many more tough days, and frustration posts, but for now...I am enjoying this moment to the fullest. The lemonade sure tastes good today!
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