Sunday, October 10, 2010

On being 4

Wow. Is it really possible my baby boy is four?

His shirt says so...but it really seems like yesterday we were dealing with colic and reflux, and watching him take his first steps, and speak his first words...amazing. I have been completely in love with this little guy from the moment we met, and today, on his fourth birthday, I feel so incredibly happy to be a part of the little person he is becoming. He makes me happy beyond words, and he shows me how simple life should be.

Today was 10.10.10. We celebrated Mason's big day with a zoo party...something he has been talking about for, literally, months. He was so excited to pick the invites, and the balloons...and the cake. He has been talking about his zoo cake since Maddie's birthday. He gave it alot of thought, and had some very specific requests...I think I made him happy.

We had all the makings of a great party...Perfect weather, a bounce house, cupcakes, and tons of kiddos...It was a blast!

Mason's main squeeze...Miss Abbey. She's adorable!

Maddie enjoyed some bouncing too...

It was a perfect day, to celebrate my sweet boy, and all the magic and wonder that comes with being four. Happy 4th Birthday Mason...I love you with all my heart!

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  1. SUCH a cute party for SUCH a cute 4 year old!!! Happy Birthday Mason! Hope it was as wondeful as you are. :)


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