Friday, October 1, 2010


Today is Ooctober 1st...The 1st day of Spina Bifida Awareness Month, and it seems so fitting to be writing this special post on this special day...

OK...So if you haven't already found out on facebook, something HUGE happened this morning in my living room! And after the week I've had, Man did I need this!! So, I'll keep the weekly update short and sweet, so I can finish up with the good stuff!

Monday afternoon we got back from Destin...aahh, Destin...I miss you already. (A full post on vacation will be along soon) So, vacation ended Monday night, and the mother of all weeks began Tuesday morning...

9:00 drop Mason off at school (carpool still sucks)

9:30 Madison gets casted for her next set of AFO's...Screamed like mad during the saw, but who could blame her?

10:45 Get Maddie fed, changed, and down for a nap

11:45 PT with Michele

12:45 Quickly fill out Mason's very late B-day invitations, so they can go out same day

1:45 Start (illegally) delivering invitations by dropping in mailboxes throughout subdivision

1:50 Car gets rammed by a neighbor who backs into my driver side door

2:00 Leave the scene, and the hostile neighbor, to pick up Mason

...And this was just Tuesday.
The rest of the week involved car estimates, party supplies, a full day with a social worker at Children's, and our first visit from Nancy, our new OT. I'm exhausted. And Mason's b-day is next Sunday, and nothing is done....But none of that matters at the moment. Nancy was wonderful, and I am soooo glad we pushed for OT. She hit it off with Maddie immediately, and I felt completely comfortable with her. She recognized the feeding issues right away, and agreed that therapy was necessary to resolve them...She is completely open to sensory therapy, and truly believes alot of Maddie's issues are sensory related. She worked with her on feeding for most of the hour, and then she got down on the floor with her, and this happened....

Words just cannot describe how ridiculously happy I am right now...I know she still has soooo far to go...but I know she will do it. That one moment in the video when she looks up at me with that big smile says it all...Priceless. There will be many more tough days, and frustration posts, but for now...I am enjoying this moment to the fullest. The lemonade sure tastes good today!


  1. Look at her GO! That is awesome, fabulous! What a great thing to cancel out all the frustrations. Enjoy that lemonade...

  2. ENJOY every second of that moment!!!!!! So sweet, and yes when she looked up at you and smiled...priceless for sure! I'm sure your eyes were just a bit teary! :)

  3. The SWEETEST lemonade around! :) Love it! Love her! Love this post! GO MADDIE!!!

  4. Yay!!! That is amazing! I'm so happy for both of you!

  5. YES! Congratulations, your exuberance shines through. And what a smile on Maddie!

  6. Fantastic! Look at her go! Way to go Maddie!
    I'm so glad you found someone who clicks and who listens to you!

  7. Selina - that was such a GREAT crawl!!!! OMG - she has just been thinking about exactly how and where she wanted to go. What a super awesome video! I am SO excited for you guys!

  8. This was awesome! I can't wait for that time for all the little/ BIG victories for my little girl. I love to see others victories to see they will happen. Thanks to Cassie for letting me get to know your little Maddie. She's adorable!

  9. God is so faithful and the way you share your humanity is awesome. God new exactly what He was doing when He gave the both of you your precious Maddie.

    Love and Prayers - Carol Minica


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