Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter weekend

Wow, what a weekend! This was one of those that you jump into head first and don’t emerge until sometime Tuesday. It started on Friday…I took the little people with me to Hammond to visit my Grandparents. Mason loves going there, because it’s like being in the country…there are cows and horses, and bell peppers in the garden, and an old wooden swing hanging from the trees.

He loves that my Grandpa always has something for him to plant and water. He is such the BIG helper these days…any task at all, he’s up for it, and gardening is always a favorite. On this day, green onions were waiting for him when we arrived, and he was more than willing to plant each one in the ground…and he was so proud to show everyone his hard work. There are so many things I’m loving about Mason at this age…His infectious giggle, his shy smile when he’s proud of something he’s done, his ability to turn a hectic, running late-spilled coffee-can’t find my keys-type of morning and declare it an “Idea Emergency” for which a brainstorming session (Movers-style) can instantly fix. But mostly, I love how he allows me to see everything through a 3-year-old’s eyes. He finds joy in the simplest things…like the weeds in my neighbor’s yard. He picks them for me and swears they smell “delicious”…and he’s right, when he gives them to me, they do.

The single best part of my day is when he wakes up. I love that moment when I’m on the sofa having my coffee, and he comes stumbling down the hall, turns the corner, and cheerfully says “Good Morning!” in his groggy little voice. Then he wraps his little arms around my neck, crawls into my lap, all arms and legs…then somehow manages to fold up into a little ball and snuggle there with me. It’s moments like this when I wish I could bottle him up and keep him little forever.

We had a great time dyeing the eggs together Saturday morning. He was so excited, and so focused on getting each one just the right color…it was so sweet.

The fruits of our labor…

We went to church on Saturday night, because we knew the Sunday service would be packed, and we had a full day planned out.

Easter Sunday. Maddie wore a bonnet, just because Easter is a perfect excuse to.

We had an egg hunt in the back yard that morning with some neighbors and family. I live in an amazing place where people wave and talk to each other as they walk their dogs, where all of our kids go to each other’s birthday parties, and where surprising acts of kindness and generosity are normal occurrences. Our neighbor stopped by with yet another bag of beautiful clothing for Madison, Easter cupcakes, and these adorable yard signs that she made for my little people…Thank you Donna! Your kindness is overwhelming.

So after a very full day of fun for the littles, Chris and I got to go out with my parents, and my brother and his wife to see Wicked in New Orleans. We had so much fun, and enjoyed every minute of it…so, exhausted? Yes. But I wouldn’t change a thing. Weekends like these are the reasons we look forward to Fridays…they hold promises of fun, and laughter, and special times with our people…they are sometimes exhausting, but always good to the last drop.

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  1. Wow - Madison sits so well. Annabelle is really hunched over when she sits. Any suggestions on what you did to help Madison sit up so well?


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