Sunday, April 25, 2010

Date nite and the runaway lizard

Another busy week and weekend comes to an end, and I’m left feeling full…full in the way you feel on Christmas night…after a full day of opening presents, eating, laughing and spending time with family and friends. Full in that exhausted, but completely content kind of way.

Our weekend started with the elusive date nite. Since Madison’s recent bottle strike, we have had a difficult time leaving her for any length of time, so dates have been few and far between. We had a great dinner at one of our favorite Italian restaurants. We took our time, and actually ate our food like normal people…I usually attack my food with the speed and gusto of a small Asian woman in a hot dog eating contest...Chewing is optional. On this evening, I actually tasted the food before swallowing it…and it was heaven. We had a great time. We drank wine, used salad forks, and talked like adults…It was a real date. Now I’d be lying if I said we talked about anything other than our little people…and why is that against the rules on date nite anyways? Yes we had lives before them, but they make everything more fun and every story more colorful…so yep, we talked about our little bugs the whole time!

One of the more colorful stories that we talked about was the new house guest that had made himself at home with us. At some point while playing outside, Mason left the backdoor open…and the lizard moved in. Gross. So now I’ll be thinking about a lizard when I slide into my slippers…but wait, there’s more. Chris tells me he chased him down, moved furniture, and finally had the little squatter cornered when he made a grab for him….and ended up with his tail….only his tail.
So, you are telling me there’s a runaway torso of a lizard, hiding somewhere in my house, without his tail? Yep. Perfect. See, without date nite, I may never have had the pleasure of hearing this enchanting tale of speed and bravery.


So, we are trying something new with Madison’s PT. We have a giant treadmill that she is using with our therapist to try to teach the rhythm and movement associated with taking steps. She hangs over the treadmill Pinnochio-style in this harness, while the PT moves her legs and stabilizes her hips. Pretty fascinating stuff… But little girl is not a fan just yet.

She is quite a trooper though. I will keep updating on the progress with the treadmill, and hopefully it will be a great tool for Maddie. I feel so blessed to have a PT who is willing to try new things. Sometimes I feel we are throwing things at the wall to see what sticks…but when we find what sticks it will definitely be worth it! Thank you Michele!

This weekend was also our first outing with the SBA Greater New Orleans group. It was the annual picnic at Lafreniere Park. We met so many wonderful kids and parents who are in the same situation as us, and it was great to just speak the same language.

Mason shows off his Cheetoh face...

the hill that kept Mason busy the entire day...

Maddie made some new friends

Another fun, full weekend...time to go home!

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