Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Break

So Easter is here, and Spring break is officially on…which means pink seersucker dresses, white linen, Peeps, bubbles and beach toys, and all things outdoors. Here in Louisiana, gardening centers are packed, the snowball stands are open again, the parks are full of kids and kites, and you can almost smell the crawfish boils in the air. It also marks the end of lent, so all good Catholics can finally return to their guilty pleasures. It’s a happy time of year.

Mason is out of school all week and the weather is perfect, so the possibilities are endless. He had his Easter party at school on Thursday, and he came home with a bucket of colored plastic eggs filled with all sorts of goodies. We have had several egg hunts since then, and this week promises many more.

This will be our first year dyeing eggs together, and I can hardly wait! He gets so excited when we walk down the Easter aisle…eyeing all the candy and chocolate bunnies. He won’t eat them, but he still wants to buy them all. I keep waiting on the day when he realizes how wonderful chocolate is…till then, Chris and I will continue to reap the benefits at Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Easter. And what is it about Easter candy that makes it taste better than its year-round counterparts? I’ve always felt that a Reese’s egg tastes way better than a Reese’s cup…it shouldn’t, but it does. My personal favorite is the classic Cadbury Egg…you either love it or hate it, and I love it! There’s something about that gooey little yolk in the middle that I find irresistible. I buy extra for Mason’s basket, knowing he will eat none of them. His school eggs were filled with tiny chocolates, toys, and stickers…the chocolates remain untouched, the toys are scattered, and he has stickered everything that holds still long enough for him to do so.

Madison is officially 9 months old, and continues to impress. She is doing so well sitting without support that she’s starting to get a little braver and try rocking as well…Mason says she’s dancing, and I’m inclined to agree. She gets the biggest smile and starts boppin around on the floor. We are working really hard on crawling these days…she’s close, but she hasn’t quite put it together yet. She has also started bearing weight when we hold her to stand…just for a couple of seconds, but it’s a start! She is just the happiest, sweetest little baby I have ever seen…so completely content to just be with us…her people. She is as much a part of us as we are of her, and she fits into our little puzzle perfectly.

She gives the best kisses…As soon as she sees me coming in for one, she gets this huge smile, the mouth opens and the tongue pops out. She always tries to slip the tongue in with her kisses, and it’s hysterical. We’ve started calling it the “shark bump”. You know how a shark will bump an object first to see it its edible or not? (Yes…we are the ones watching the countless hours of Shark Week every summer on Discovery Channel…we log quite a bit of Deadliest Catch time as well) Well, Maddie will give anything that comes near her mouth a bump with that tongue for the same reasons…the phone, a toy, the remote control, my face...and by the looks of those rolls, most things are actually edible.

So we are excited about Easter this year…It’s a year of “firsts” for all of us, and it promises more memories and moments to cherish for many years to come. Have a wonderful spring break, everyone!

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