Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Rainy Recap...

It's raining here...a lot.  And its the kind of stir-crazy, can't-leave-the-house rain that causes one to do unexplainable things....like scrub the shower tile, and update the blog for the first time in over a year.  Crazy.  I know.
I blame facebook...for all of it really.  Except the rain.  See the facebook memory button sent me a post I had written 4 years ago today, about a sweet little chunk, enjoying a picnic in her shiny, new walker.  I had to read it.  The picture of those pigtails sucked me in...it had been so long.  Seems like a lifetime ago really. Seeing my girl working so hard for every step, and remembering a time when so much was uncertain...I could hear it in my own words.  Such pride at how far she had come, and an ever-so-cautious hope that the next year would be better.  And it was.  Every year that we go back is a reminder of how far she has come.  Last year I watched her climb the hill all by herself, and run down it, as fast as those little legs would take her...I probably didn't post it here, and I should have.  Not just for those people out there looking for answers and hoping the best for their little ones, but for me too.  I need to be reminded where we started sometimes, so I won't take it for granted where we are now.  We'll go to that picnic again this month, and I'll post it this time...swear.
As I said before, it's been over a year since I've blogged, and taking a quick look at all the links of my friends, I see I'm not alone in this.  Its both good and bad, I guess.  It means we've moved on.  Blogging is such a strange thing... It's a journal, really.   In it's most honest moments, it's a journal...of raw, rambling thoughts and pictures, that are made public for the world to see.  And they open their journals for you to see as well, and you feel like you know each other.  And in many ways you do.  I've had the pleasure of meeting so many incredible people, that I now call friends, through this thing called blogging.  And it used to be everything, but now there's facebook, twitter, and everything in between.  And everyone's there, posting updates, pictures, and all the things you used to only read in the blogs.  And it's great that everyone is so accessible now, but part of me misses this.  Does that mean I'll be back updating on a regular basis...no, not likely...if I'm being honest.  But kudos to those of you who are...I admire you for keeping up that journal, and I wish I hadn't left so many gaps in mine.  And speaking of gaps....I'm going to attempt to recap the last year...here goes.

Maddie turned 5 in June.  It was a Princess Sofia party and my girl loved it!

A few days later we were in California for the National Spina Bifida conference at Disneyland. This was so much fun!!  We had lots of friends there with us, and we were fortunate to attend many sessions within the conference, and meet with specialists from all over the country. 
We all had a blast!

We got a dog!  Meet Sugar.
The kids went back to school in August...Mason started second grade and Maddie went to kindergarten!  Both of them have done amazingly well this year!
Mason turned 8 in October, and had a Ghostbusters party! 
I swear ya'll...he's into ghostbusters, star wars, and Atari...I love it.

Next came Halloween...We had so much fun with all our friends and family!!
Thanksgiving 2014
This year was really special because my sister-in-law came in from Kuwait, with my nieces and nephews, for an extra long visit.  My kiddos were so happy to spend the holidays with their cousins!

Christmas festivities
Teddy Bear Tea 2014
these two make me smile...
more holiday fun....
So really that was only six months worth, but I tried!  You get the idea...It was a great year!  We have so much to be thankful for, and I need that reminder from time to time.  So I'm going to make a conscious effort to post more often...to take more pictures...and to remember the moments because they go entirely too fast.   Till next time...

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