Monday, September 19, 2011

Been Busy.

I don't know how some of you do it. You know who you are...Your house is always clean and ready for any unexpected guests,your garden is beautiful and weed-free, your kids are always perfectly put together, you are never late for carpool, you cook amazing, healthy meals every night for your family, you find time for manicures, date night, and blogging. now that I've read that, I realize I just combined about 8 friends into one incredible person that I want to be. Truth be told, I'm sure none of us have it all together, and spend way too much energy wishing we did. Lately I've found myself in that state of constant juggling...and although the big picture may suggest that all balls are in the air and accounted for, I know better. There are definitely some things falling through the cracks. And I am just as guilty as the next person of beating myself up over what's been neglected, and convincing myself that everyone else is getting it done, and making it look easy.

Take this blog, for example...One look at the banner can tell you I've been busy. My kids are still dressed like eskimos (and we live in New Orleans). I've been meaning to change those pictures for months...and it just isn't happening. I used to average about 5 posts a month on here...and I'm looking at this past year and I haven't done more than 3 since February. I only posted once last month, and this post will be my 2nd this month...If there's anyone out there still reading....Sorry. Been busy.

And it's not that things haven't been good....they have. I'm just so consumed with keeping up, that sometimes I don't slow down long enough to realize how good they've been. That's been such a struggle for me lately...just letting myself relax, and enjoy the moment, without worrying too much about what comes next. I've had this conversation with Michele (PT) alot lately. Maddie is doing so much more than we ever hoped for...the progress has been absolutely amazing. And yet...I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop. Why do we do this to ourselves? I know I'm not the only one. Instead of enjoying what is going so right, we shift our focus to what is still going wrong...or what may go wrong eventually. It's not fair to ourselves, our families, and especially our kids....Because so much is going right.

Click HERE for video.

Her newest trick...Walking on grass. If you know anything about SB, sensory input, or the state of my backyard, you know what a HUGE feat this is. And after this clip ended, she proceeded to climb that ladder by herself.

All of her therapies are going so well...including hippotherapy. She is no longer afraid of the horse. In fact she seems to enjoy it alot, and the instructors are thrilled with her strength and stability. She is definitely a rockstar at school. She acts like she owns the place when we walk in...It's hilarious. There's still a few tears when I leave, but she's all smiles when I pick her up, and she chats about her day the whole way home. She. is. doing. awesome. I need to remind myself this daily, and try not to stress about what lies ahead.

Mason, is thrilled to be back in school! He loves the teachers, the kids, the routine, and all the new activities this year. And he loves seeing Maddie there. he told me last week that he saw her on the playgound and gave her a hug. Be still my heart. What I would give to be able to watch the two of them there...
My little guy is smart and funny...and I adore him. He is also the most strong-willed child I have ever seen. Ever. We've had some definite struggles lately over everything from food, to clothing, to a recent haircut....(a nightmare I will never re-live here or anywhere else) I know this will serve him well one day, but geez...It's been tough.

So all in all...We've been busy, but good. Lots happening all around us, and sometimes it's tough to keep up, but I can't complain. When all the extra stuff falls through the cracks, the things that matter most remain.


  1. boo, my comment from earlier didn't post!

    So glad to see you guys are doing well. Miss you both!!!!

  2. She's a rockstar! I don't have it together either--I'm a mess!


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