Thursday, August 18, 2011

Soccer Mom

It's official....I'm a Soccer Mom.

Mason has always loved kicking the ball around our yard, so we knew he'd love playing soccer. And I think he will...even though the first practice was less than stellar. My little guy is an interesting personality. If he feels comfortable in a situation he will ham it up, talk nonstop, and do whatever it takes to be the center of attention. If he doesn't feel comfortable, he clams up instantly, becomes painfully shy, and can be downright rude in the process. We never see it coming. It's happened at birthday parties of his closest pals, playdates in our own house, and now...the soccer field. Mason is the friendliest kid you could ever meet, but when these moments occur, he can be a tough nut to crack. I'm so glad he has a coach that was willing to make an effort to include him. Mason had been watching from the sidelines, as the kids ran around and played. He stood there with his brand new blue soccer ball, wearing his new shoes and shin guards, and watched sadly as we begged him to join in. The coach had been coaxing him throughout the practice to join them, but then with 10 minutes left to the practice, she kicked her ball his way...Without thinking, he automatically kicked it back and smiled. The ice was finally broken. For the remainder of the practice he chattered on and on, about anything and everything, he ran, played, and had a blast. I am so thankful for those special people who know how to connect with my kids....

Which brings me to Michele...our PT. From day one she connected with Maddie in a way no one else had. She has the ability to motivate her to do things she wouldn't normally do...even when she doesn't feel like it.

She pushes when Maddie needs pushing, she praises when Maddie needs encouragement, and she holds her hand when she feels unsure. We love Michele, and all of the amazing therapists that have become a part of our life.

I attribute Maddie's recent progress to these amazing individuals who treat my daughter as their own, and I thank God every day for bringing them to us. I'm in awe at how far she has come. This time last year, we were still waiting for her to crawl...and now she is doing laps around our house with no help at all. It's incredible!

We have even started going out in public without the walker. She has walked at restaurants, the doctors' offices, church, and the library...and the more we try it, the more comfortable she gets. The most exciting thing for me is that she has finally decided she would rather walk than crawl in our home. It definitely had to be on her terms, and my pushing was not getting us I'm thrilled that it's finally her idea.

Our 2 yr. appointments with Urology and Ortho were last week. Overall, Maddie did really well. Ortho was very happy to see her walking unassisted. The x-ray of her hips looked great, and she is showing no scoliosis...which is awesome. Although we know there are still orthopedic surgeries in her future, we are uncertain what the best age for them will be. Our doctor is in no rush, and seems unconcerned about longterm effects...but we have gotten different opinions from other docs, and we really need wisdom in making the right decisions for her. So please keep this in mind when praying for Maddie. It can be so overwhelming to know that such big decisions are ultimately in our hands...and I hate knowing that I might make the wrong one.

The other realization that we've become increasingly aware of is that mobility may not be Maddie's biggest issue. The urology concerns are mounting, and we feel more confused after meeting with her urologist. It seems some things are almost inevitable. And although I'm not ready to go public with any specifics to my daughter's continence issues, I do realize that this will be our biggest battle.

She and Mason will be starting school on Sept. 6th, and although I'm nervous, I'm so excited for both of them. Till then we'll enjoy what's left of our summer with more pizza nights...

more grits in the morning...

pinkies out!

and more silly faces all around...


  1. Maddie is amazing (and so is Mason). I can't believe how well she is walking all on her own, and how far she has come in such a short time. As for those decisions, you will make the best choices for your daughter because you are her best and strongest advocate...but I know how hard it is to agonize.

  2. Your kids are the absolute cutest! What sweet smiles. I hope soccer continues to thrill him : ) I love Maddie's little tights. Cute as can be.

  3. Oh my word! I'll never get tired of seeing that big girl walking around by herself. What a beautiful miracle. And looking more and more like her momma! I love that you're a soccer mom! lol. I know we'll be signing Jet up for soccer some day...he LOVES kicking the ball around - following rules? Not so much. ;) We are right there with you on concerns for the future. I try not to worry - but not be in denial either. It's a tough balance sometimes. But I'm so glad to have friends like you - and future friends for my little boy like Maddie. :) Praying for you! Keep praying for us as well <3 Love to your family! xoxo


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