Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our Easter

Our Easter was a whirlwind of activity that seemed to last all week long. It included preschool parties and egg hunts, PT egg hunts at the playground, egg-shaped Rice Krispy treats, and the usual Paas egg dye all over the kitchen. Now a week later...The easter grass has taken root and continues to matter how much I vaccuum... it's just another little reminder of all the fun we had last weekend, and what we can look forward to again next year.

We went to our church for the Saturday Easter services, to avoid all the Sunday crowds. I tried to get pics of the kids before we left, but they were not into it....Here's our best attempt.

Hooray for pretty Easter dresses that hide beat up sneakers underneath! :)

After church, we took the kids to a nearby playground that we love. It's a fully accessible playground, that has taken everything possible into consideration, and BOTH of my kids LOVE it!

Neither of them would stay put long enough for many pics...but they had a blast, and got filthy dirty in their Easter attire. I loved seeing them have so much fun.

Sunday morning started with full Easter baskets and groggy bugs in their jammies. It was fun to watch...

I wish I could bottle him at this age...He is so sweet, so eager, and so excited about can't help but feel like a kid too.

Later we had my parents over for lunch and the egg hunt. It was so much fun! First we hid the eggs for Mason, and watched as he tore through the yard, secret-agent-style, seeking out the hidden treasures. It was hilarious!


Madison's hunt was a little more subdued....Mason took extra care in hiding her eggs, and then proceeded to point out where each one was as she approached it. He just couldn't help himself! She didn't seem to mind one bit...She giggled and squealed with each new find.

Once they were all found, she stood there and looked carefully at the whole group.

And then she decided to throw them each on the ground...Well it was fun while it lasted! Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!


  1. That plaid dress and adorable sun hat are SO sweet! Madison is looking so big with all her independence these days. Looks like a great Easter weekend!

  2. ADORABLE!!! I love her Easter dress and the pictures of Mason are just gorgeous.

  3. love the destruction of the eggs! And that plaground is great, right? We haven't been able to bring the boys yet, but Ellie went a couple years ago.


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