Friday, September 10, 2010

Giving Back

I remember the first time I called the Spina Bifida of Greater New Orleans organization. I was pregnant, and overwhelmed by a diagnoses I didn't understand. I was scared and heartbroken. I left a message asking for help and information. The President of the SBGNO called me that evening, and talked with me for over an hour. He gave me support and encouragement, and put me in touch with other individuals within the group who helped me throughout the pregnancy.

Now, the SBGNO continues to help families like ours, and individuals like Maddie who have been born with SB. They have connected us with many other local families who also have children with SB, and have provided several social functions as opportunities for us to meet and join into their community. I am so thankful to have an organization like this, with individuals as dedicated and giving as they are, as a resource for us. They were there from day one, and I know they will still be a resource to Madison when she is an adult.

We have an opportunity to give back to this organization who has given us so much, but we need help. We will be participating in a bowl-a-thon to help raise money for the SBGNO. I am a terrible bowler, but they are kindly allowing me to participate. :) I would love to raise $300 for this cause, so I am asking for sponsors...donations of any amount, in Maddie's name, to help other families just like us. I'm new at fundraising, so I'm hoping we don't dissappoint them. :) I know alot of people have read our story here, and have been touched by Maddie's sweet smile and her strong spirit, and we have been touched by kindness and generosity from all around us...Now we have a chance to give back and help SBGNO to continue to make a difference in the lives of others. Please check out the link, and if you are able to donate then please leave your name, so I can send you my thanks.
Thank you all !!

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  1. I love this picture -she's just a DOLL! And you are so great to work to give back. We're hoping our chapter will do the Walk n' Roll like they did last fall but I'm having trouble finding out information. Hmmm.. Well. Either way it's good to see so many great efforts going on out there for a GREAT cause. Yay!


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