Saturday, May 22, 2010

Glad that's over...

What a crazy week this has been...the weekend is finally here and I have survived the gauntlet of Monday through Friday yet again. If only this weekend held the promise of lazy lounging and cold beverages…nope. It’s packed from beginning to end.

Monday I wasn’t feeling well, so I had to tackle all of Monday’s tasks on Tuesday. Tuesday’s are always rough because I have to get Mason to school, run errands, feed Maddie, and get her some kind of nap before PT at 11:30. Then after PT, we have about one hour before we have to pick Mason up again. Tuesdays are the days I forget to eat. So after going through all of this in order to be home for PT, you can imagine my disappointment when the PT substitute called to cancel on us. To add to the fun, I found out when I picked Mason up, that his last day of school was Thursday…this Thursday. Not next Thursday, like I had thought, and was counting on. Yikes.

Wednesday I met with some new clients. I do a small amount of residential design these days…mostly in New Orleans, and this new client was a referral in the same area. The kiddos stayed at the in-laws, and thankfully did just fine. Madison is happily taking a bottle 2-3 times a day, while I try to make the most of the tiny bit of nursing that remains. Sigh. Everything is changing so fast, and I’m still not ready to let go…the bright side is it makes life much easier for our babysitters. Now that she will accept something besides me, things are much more enjoyable on their end…and I’ll learn to appreciate my new freedom…eventually.

Thursday I spent working on a cake with my friend Vanessa. It was a Mickey Cake for a neighbor’s son. Mason had his last day at school (tear), and we worked on the cake until I had to pick him up. Friday belonged to the cake as well, and it came out super cute.

So, although this weekend holds no rest for the weary, I am so glad it’s here.
Have a great weekend!

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