Monday, January 2, 2012

Great, actually.

Maddie's walker hasn't left it's spot in the garage in 6 weeks. Even as I type that I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around how HUGE that is! It's a pretty big deal, right?! It started with short outings without it, and she did great. Then one day we forgot to bring it to church...and she did great. Then we got brave and decided to try a day at school without it...she was amazing. Then we realized she had grown some, and we needed to adjust the height of it..well it got stuck in that position and I couldn't fold it down to get it in my it stayed home that day, and hasn't left since. It wasn't an overnight miracle, but instead it came quietly and day at a time. And we almost didn't even notice it. In the middle of all the holiday whirlwind, my little girl became an independent walker, and somehow we are just now realizing it.

Does this mean she will always walk on her own? I don't know. Maybe. Maybe not. But today she is walking independently, and I'm good with that...great, actually.

Both kids are enjoying the horseback riding lessons, and I really think it's been a huge help with Maddie's balance and coordination. It's giving Mason courage and self-confidence. I can see it in his eyes...when he's on that horse, he's a pretty big guy. :)

Our holidays were as beautiful as they've ever been, and we have enjoyed every last second.

We spent Thanksgiving in Hammond at my Grandparents home. The kids love going there. It's wide open country, complete with horses, cows, tire swings, and tractor rides. I love watching them enjoying the simple things that brought me so much joy when I was little.

Christmas is always our favorite, and I'm so sorry I didn't take more pictures, and post more updates. It was wonderful. From Christmas in The Oaks, to The Polar Express at Barnes and Noble...we trimmed the tree, baked the cookies, and sprinkled reindeer food all over the sidewalks. It was everything it's supposed to be, and it was magic.

Dancing on Christmas Eve

So it's a new year, full of new possibilities. There all still many concerns...many things that keep me up at night...Like brand new braces that don't fit right, and speech issues that I can't explain...but I'll save that for another post. It's 2012, and the glass is half full.
My family is happy and healthy, and all is good...great, actually!

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