Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our First Attempt

....at Pigtails!

A new year and a new look for my little bug! They were definitely crooked, and she wasn't happy with me at all, but she looked so stinkin' cute that it made up for it.

I couldn't get over how a couple of pigtails suddenly transformed my baby into a toddler right in front of my eyes...


  1. EEK!!! Pigtails are my absolute FAVORITE thing EVER!!! I'd put them on Jet if I wasn't afraid David would report me. lol. LOVE THEM!!! She's adorable - and Jet loves her Elmo shirt. ;)

  2. She is so cute with those pigtails!

  3. Pigtails are alot of work - but make up for it by being sooooo cute!
    She is way too adorable!


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