Monday, August 16, 2010

Go Zippers!

So, we don't get to do too many things with our local SBA chapter, mostly because we are always busy with something else on our schedules...But we were really psyched to hear that they had purchased a block of tickets to the Zephyrs game for Friday night, and we signed up for the event. Mason had never been to a real baseball game, so I got him all pumped about it. I told him how we'd get to see "big guys" swing the bats, and hit the balls waaayyyy up in the air. I told him we'd eat popcorn, and hot dogs, and ice cream. There would be music and fireworks, and we could yell, and dance, and yell "Go Zephyrs!" He was super excited. He practiced his chant all day long...spontaneously yelling out "GOOO Zippers!" in the grocery line and at Target. He could barely stand to take his nap, but just knowing that once he woke up it would be gametime, was all that got him through.

Then I got an email. "Rain could possibly postpone tonight's game...stay tuned." Uh-oh. I looked outside. Although it had rained most of the morning, the clouds were parting, and the sun was peeking through. I felt better about things. I started to get ready, and decided not to say anything about it to Mason. Around 4 o'clock the kiddos woke up. We were leaving in an hour, so I scrambled to get them ready. I dressed all of us in matching Zephyr blue, and finished up just as Chris got home. I decided to make a call just to be safe and confirm that it was still on...and I saw the text message. "Game cancelled due to weather. " Perfect. I turned to look at my little people, decked out in navy, and practically bouncing with excitement...this sucks.

I sat down next to Mason, and explained to him that the rain had made the feild too wet to play the game tonight. He looked out at our grass and said "It's ok, it's drying...let's go!" I showed him the online pics of the feild covered with a tarp...I told him it's too slippery to play on it tonight. He thought about it for a minute then asked, "OK, can we just go watch the fireworks?" Ughh.

So seeing as we were all dressed up with no place to go...we decided to make the most of it. We met my parents for pizza and bowling. This was also a first for Mason, and as excited as I was to see him at his first baseball couldn't have been more fun then watching him with those skinny legs and goofy bowling shoes, doing his happy dance every time he sent the ball rolling down the aisle. My little guy is getting big. sniff. sniff.

The rest of the weekend turned out to be really great too...more pics to come. And we'll have another try at a Zephyrs game this Friday stay tuned.
Till then, "GO Zippers!"

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  1. Good job saving the day Mom! Glad you guys had fun!


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